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Australia Citizenship Real Documents Package

Australia Citizenship Real Documents Package

$15000.00 $11500.00 USD

Introducing Our Australia Citizenship Real Documents Package!

Look no further if you have always wanted to become an Australian citizen but find Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs too expensive!  We are here for your help.

Don't worry about the trouble of purchasing several documents separately. Our package includes everything you need to obtain Australian citizenship-all real and registered in Australia's official database. You'll receive essential documents like a passport, ID card, driver's license, social security number, birth certificate or naturalization certificate, police report, and proof of address.

But that's not all! We give you access to a government database so you can confirm the legitimacy of your documents before using them. Plus, when they expire, you can easily renew them directly from the Australian government.

Advantages of possessing Australian Citizenship

Visa -free travel

An Australian passport is one of the most valuable passports in the world. You can go to about 160 countries without needing a visa. Some countries even give you a visa when you arrive, so you don't have to go through the trouble of applying and waiting for approval.

No more RRV

If you're an Australian permanent resident, your visa usually lets you travel for 5 years. So, every 5 years, you need to renew your visa if you want to keep traveling. You'd apply for a Resident Return Visa - Subclass 155 (RRV) to travel.

However, if you're an Australian citizen, you can travel and stay overseas for as long as you want. You don't have to renew your visa every 5 years anymore.


As a permanent resident, you may pay domestic fees for education, but you can't delay payments based on income. Australian citizens can use the HECS-HELP loan to postpone university fee payments if they have a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

Living and working in New Zealand

As an Australian citizen, you can usually live, work, or study in New Zealand without needing to apply for a visa beforehand.

Our package, which costs about $11,500 USD, provides a cost-effective substitute for costly CBI programs. We promise the same status as CBI programs without the high cost.

Take the first step towards your Australian dream today!

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