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Canada Citizenship Real Documents Package

Canada Citizenship Real Documents Package

$15000.00 $12000.00 USD

Possess Canadian Citizenship with our Canada Real Documents Package


Want to become a Canadian citizen without spending too much? Our Canadian Citizenship Real Documents Package is just for you. Instead of buying each document separately, we give you all the essential ones you need in one package. These documents are real, registered in Canada's database, and look just like ones from the government.

When you buy, we'll send you a link to verify the documents' authenticity in the government database. Plus, when they expire, you can renew them directly with the Canadian government because they're legally registered.

Our package costs $12,000 USD, way cheaper than pricey Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs. We offer the same status but at a much lower cost, making citizenship achievable for more people.

What's in the package? Everything you need:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • driver's license
  • social security number
  • birth certificate or naturalization certificate
  • police report
  • proof of address.


These documents are important for getting Canadian citizenship and enjoying all its benefits.

Benefits of Having Canadian citizenship

  1. Dual Citizenship: The Canadian government allows dual citizenship unless your current country or the country where you were born doesn't allow it.
  2. Citizenship for Children: If your child is born in Canada, they automatically become a Canadian citizen, with no need for an application. Even if they're born outside Canada, they can still get citizenship if one of their parents is a Canadian citizen.
  3. Special Tax Rules: Canada's tax system is different as it taxes based on residency, not citizenship. If you're a Canadian living abroad, you don't pay taxes. But if you live in Canada and have income from other countries, you'll pay taxes to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Top of Form
  4. You can live anywhere: As a Canadian citizen, you can live anywhere in the world as long as you want without losing your citizenship. Unlike permanent residency, there's no need to meet residency rules for Canadian citizens. The only rule is that if you live outside Canada for over five years, you can't vote in federal elections.

Obtaining Canadian citizenship shouldn't be hampered by costly Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs.With our Canadian Citizenship Real Documents Package, you can accomplish your goal without breaking the bank with an affordable alternative.

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