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Cyprus Citizenship Real Documents Package

Cyprus Citizenship Real Documents Package

$12000.00 $10000.00 USD

Get Cypriot citizenship at Affordable Price

Cyprus is a pretty island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It has a long history, lovely beaches, and lots of different cultures. People love it for its warm weather and friendly vibe, making it popular with tourists and people who want to move somewhere laid-back with plenty to do.

Several people are there who prefer to obtain Cyprus citizenship for different reasons.They can have different options like CBI programs to gain their citizenship status. But these programs are costlier for most of such people. We are offering Cyprus citizenship real documents package especially for people looking for authentic citizenship of Cyprus, that too at very lower price. Our package costs only $10,000 USDand help in getting authentic citizenship by having all the necessary documents like:

  1. Passport
  2. 2- ID Card
  3. 3- Driver’s license
  4. 4- Social Security Number
  5. 5- Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate
  6. 6- Police Report
  7. 7- Proof Of Address

As we provide government database link, it is possible for our clients to verify the authenticity of their documents. Also, these can be renewed when expired directly from the relevant government office of Cyprus.

Different Possible Reasons Why People Prefer To Have Citizenship of Cyprus

  • Having citizenship in Cyprus means more job options and chances to grow in your career since only people from the EU can move to another EU country and get a job without needing special permission.
  • EU citizens get a free European Health Insurance Card, letting them use healthcare in any EU country, plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.
  • As a Cyprus citizen, you can study at any EU university like a local. EU citizens usually pay lower or no tuition fees, while non-EU citizens pay more and have extra paperwork. There are 1,300+ top-quality educational institutions to choose from.
  • People who want to split their assets and pay less tax overseas might like Cyprus because of its low tax rates and options to change how their business is set up to pay less tax.
  • Cyprus has very little crime compared to other EU countries. The people are friendly, and almost everyone speaks English, so you don't have to know Greek to get around.

No need to get into expensive Citizenship by Investment programs. We offer a reliable and affordable solution for obtaining authentic Cypriot citizenship documents, complete with verifications and renewals, for just $10,000 USD. If this package seems you out of budget, we are offering other alternative options too.

Experience the benefits of EU citizenship. Contact us today to learn more!

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