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Malta Citizenship Real Documents Package

Malta Citizenship Real Documents Package

$20500.00 $13500.00 USD

Welcome to our service that makes getting Maltese citizenship easier. Our Real Documents Package includes all the documents you need for your citizenship application. These documents are genuine and registered, making it easy for you to become a Maltese citizen. Keep reading to find out how our service can turn your dream of becoming a Maltese citizen into a reality, that too with cheaper and convenient way.

Your Gateway to Maltese Citizenship: At just $13,500 USD, our Real Documents Package is perfect for anyone looking to become a Maltese citizen without going through costly Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs. This package provides exceptional value and includes all the essential documents you need. Included in the package are the following essential documents:

  1. Passport: A valid passport is the key to travel and live freely in Malta. Our package provides you with a genuine Maltese passport, granting you access to all the benefits that come with Maltese citizenship.
  2. ID Card: Our package includes a registered Maltese ID card, which serves as your official proof of identity within the country. This card allows you to enjoy various services and benefits available to Maltese citizens.
  3. Driver’s License: With our Real Documents Package, we ensure that you receive a genuine Maltese driver's license. This allows you to legally drive in Malta and enjoy the convenience and freedom of having a valid license.
  4. Social Security Number: A Maltese Social Security Number is essential for accessing various social benefits and services. Our package includes a registered and valid Social Security Number, ensuring your eligibility for these benefits.
  5. Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate: As part of our package, you will receive a genuine Maltese birth certificate or naturalization certificate, providing official recognition of your Maltese citizenship status.
  6. Police Report: Our Real Documents Package includes a police report that demonstrates your clean legal record, further strengthening your application for Maltese citizenship.
  7. Proof of Address: To complete your application, we provide you with a proof of address document, confirming your residency in Malta.

Get ready for Maltese citizenship with our Real Documents Package. Our package includes all the genuine and registered documents you need for a smooth application process. Take advantage of this opportunity to start a new life in Malta as a citizen. Don't wait any longer to make your dreams come true - get our Real Documents Package now!

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